We’re FlashFood

We’re a team of ASU students, working to integrate and implement technology and social media to fight hunger and reduce food waste in America.

Arizona has the third highest rate of food insecurity in America. Everyday in Arizona 1100 tons of food go to waste.

The FlashFood mobile application leverages the power of instant digital communication to bridge the gaps between food service vendors, community organizations, and the hungry. If a vendor has excess food, he or she can instantly notify a local community organization that they wish to donate it. That organization can then 1) coordinate pick up of the food and 2) alert food recipients of an upcoming donation at a nearby community center.

If you’re a restauranteur, ceterer, community volunteer, or just interested in helping us reduce food waste and hunger in America, let us know! We’re looking for feedback.


2 thoughts on “We’re FlashFood

  1. Anu C. Ghai says:

    Amazing and inspiring application! Thank you!

    Quick question, has ASU implemented Flashfood on campus with its own food provider? If so, could someone e-mail me with more details?

    Again, fantastic idea with portability to so many areas of the US.

    Anu C. Ghai, CPA

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