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Other great food recovery organizations!

At FlashFood, we are always looking for inspiration from other organizations and initiatives looking to reduce food waste and feed the hungry. Here’s a couple of our new favorites:

Halfsies is an American non-profit organization that partners with restaurants to encourage their patrons to eat half-sized  portions to help alleviate food insecurity. When a customer agrees to “go halfsies”, they are charged for the full price for the meal and the restaurant collects their money and donates it to Halfsies. This donation model is very creative, as it is not just way to raise money, it also reduces food waste (people will not throw away their leftover food when they are full).

60% of Halfsies’ proceeds go to local programs that address problems including food insecurity and homeless as well as those that are involved with community education and personal development.

30% goes to international organizations aiming to fight global food insecurity, empower women and vulnerable children, and develop sustainable agriculture.

Too Good To Waste is an initiative led by the United Kingdom’s Sustainable Restaurant Association. According to the organization’s research, London restaurants throw away 600,000 tonnes of food every year, and 30% of this comes from unfinished meals! In addition to working with restaurants to reduce food waste through smart ingredient procurement and improved meal preparation, the SRA has created a campaign to change the public perception on taking home food in “doggy-boxes”. To do this, the SRA provides participating restaurants with doggy-boxes with their tagline, “think inside the box”!

The SRA’s goal is to reduce London’s food waste by 20% (42,000 tonnes). We hope they reach their goal!

**If you know of any other great initiatives, share them with us by posting a comment!