Meet Jake

Hello fellow FlashFoodies (that is the awesome nickname we call people who like food recovery), my name is Jake Irvin (my close friends call me Guapo), and I am the Director of Marketing and Public Relations for FlashFood. Nice to meet you!

I just graduated last May from Arizona State University with a BS in Marketing from the WP Carey School of Business and a BS in Sustainability from the School of Sustainability. I loved my time at ASU, and I will definitely miss it, especially being a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, reading, listening to music, rock climbing, and playing guitar. I’m pretty good at guitar. Below is a video of me and some friends playing a benefit concert for the Restavek Foundation from about a year ago (you can’t see me, I’m behind the speaker on the left). My little brother is playing the drums in this video – isn’t that cool? We are kind of like the Partridge Family. I’m hoping this blog post helps get us more Youtube views.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little better. If you like my guitar playing, love FlashFood, or want to critique my grammar/writing, leave a comment!

Oh, and sorry ladies, I’m taken 😉

All the best,

Jake “Guapo” Irvin


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