Meet Steven!

Ahoy-hoy! I’m Steven, the lovable scamp and IT director of the FlashFood team.

Above you can see me working very hard with computers. I recently graduated from ASU with a Computer Science degree, I do all of the programming and technical work for the team. I also am the most recent addition joining only in February just when we started to become successful. Coincidence?  Draw your own conclusions.
I joined the team after being ambushed by Eric, who was my former roommate while at his then girlfriend and future wife Loni’s home for dinner. He asked me to join because he knew of my incredible programming abilities and that team team would need additional IT support. I accepted because Loni is an excellent cook and it really is amazing to think that I just might be able to help an uncountable number of people, and inspire others to do the same.
When I’m not working on FlashFood I enjoy travel, board games, solving puzzles, learning more about programming and technology and generally being awesome.
Thanks for your interest in us and your support in completing our mission. It’s because of the support of people like you that I think we have a very good chance of continuing to succeed.

One thought on “Meet Steven!

  1. Felix says:

    I find this bio amusing and accurate, just as intended

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