September is ALSO Food Safety Month!

With September declared as Hunger Action Month and Food Safety Month, this must be FlashFood’s time of year!  There are many things to consider in the safe transport of perishable food, including avoiding contamination and respecting the appropriate time-temperature safety windows.

Food safety is important in the home as well.  How food-safety-savvy are YOU?  Take the quiz to test your know-how (answers below):

  1. True or False:  After Justin finishes filleting fish, he can use the same cutting board to chop onions.
  2. In the refrigerator, Molly has two shelves free and wants to store raw fish and a fresh vegetable salad.  Which should she put on the top shelf?
  3. Cesar loves making dishes with nuts, but knows that this is a common food allergy.  Which of the following is NOT a common food allergy symptom?
    • Nausea
    • Sneezing
    • Hives or rash
    • Vomiting
  4. At 7 o’clock p.m., Leah sets out a tray of cold cuts and cheeses for her buffet.  Can she leave it out until 10:30?

Interested in learning more about food safety?  Find out more from ServSafe!

Or check out the CDC or FDA websites

Food safety answer key:

  1. False.  Justin should not use the same cutting board for raw fish before vegetables, unless he sanitizes it in between.  Many kitchens even have separate cutting boards that are designated for certain ingredients like meat or vegetables.
  2. Molly should store the salad on top.  Prepared food, or food that will not be cooked, should always be stored above raw meat, poultry, and seafood to minimize cross-contamination from leakage.
  3. Sneezing is a common allergy symptom, but not for food allergies!  Besides nausea, hives, and vomiting, common food allergy symptoms include wheezing or shortness of breath, diarrhea, swelling of various parts of the body including the face, eyes, hands, or feet, and abdominal pain.  Get help immediately if you suspect a severe allergic reaction to food.
  4. Yes!  As long as the tray is kept below 70 degrees, either with ice or as a product of a cool ambient temperature.  After sitting out for up to 6 hours, even if the temperature of the tray is still less than 70 degrees, its contents should be discarded.



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