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See episode 3 of the Quest for a little taste of how we prepare for competitions…


Episode 2 of the Quest!

The Quest

This spring and summer when FlashFood participated in the Microsoft Imagine Cup, we were actually being followed around by a documentary film crew sent by Microsoft. The film project is now completed and we want to share the first episode in the webseries with you!

Also, in case you haven’t heard…FlashFood is one of the finalists for the 2012 Microsoft Imagine Cup grants. Thank you Microsoft for all of your support!

“…We, the people, do have the power to stop this tragic waste of resources if we regard it as socially unacceptable to waste food on a colossal scale, if we make noise about it, tell corporations about it, tell governments we want to see an end to food waste, we do have the power to bring about that change.”

Over the weekend, our Facebook friend Charu sent us the link to a TED talk on “the Global Food Waste Scandal”. It perfectly illustrates the scale of the food waste problem, and is incredibly enlightening. This talk touches on all aspects of the food stream, and highlights how a shift in how we think about food can have far-reaching effects on the entire planet.  Fighting food waste is FlashFood’s mission, so we just have to share this video with you!

Tristram Stuart, the presenter in the TED talk, also runs a campaign to fight food waste called Feeding the 5000, to raise awareness about how much perfectly edible food goes to waste everyday! Check it out here.

Meet Katelyn!

Hello fellow FlashFood fans, I’m Katelyn Keberle, Community Outreach Director.

I’ve been with FlashFood since the very beginning, back when we were just five students in an Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) class dreaming up ways to improve the life of individuals in Arizona’s food deserts.

When I’m not FlashFooding, I’m usually at ASU.  I’m currently a junior studying Materials Science and Engineering. A fascinating field that works to engineer the stuff we make stuff out of.

I also enjoy baking, reading, swings,  heights, friends, and making things.

I’m a big fan of Tempe, Arizona. I  grew up here, in this medium-sized college town and spent a noticeable percentage of my teenage years volunteering in the Tempe community.

Fun FlashFood related facts include: I helped Steven with the coding once, so he can’t take all the credit, and this summer I skyped  into a FlashFood meeting from a park bench in front of the Smithsonian castle in DC.

FlashFood is an amazing venture, and we’d be nowhere without the amazing people who support us. Thanks for reading!