Meet Katelyn!

Hello fellow FlashFood fans, I’m Katelyn Keberle, Community Outreach Director.

I’ve been with FlashFood since the very beginning, back when we were just five students in an Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) class dreaming up ways to improve the life of individuals in Arizona’s food deserts.

When I’m not FlashFooding, I’m usually at ASU.  I’m currently a junior studying Materials Science and Engineering. A fascinating field that works to engineer the stuff we make stuff out of.

I also enjoy baking, reading, swings,  heights, friends, and making things.

I’m a big fan of Tempe, Arizona. I  grew up here, in this medium-sized college town and spent a noticeable percentage of my teenage years volunteering in the Tempe community.

Fun FlashFood related facts include: I helped Steven with the coding once, so he can’t take all the credit, and this summer I skyped  into a FlashFood meeting from a park bench in front of the Smithsonian castle in DC.

FlashFood is an amazing venture, and we’d be nowhere without the amazing people who support us. Thanks for reading!


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