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Giving Tuesday

Everyone knows that Black Friday marks the start of the holiday shopping season. While stores DO offer great deals for smart (and sometimes mildly aggressive) shoppers, the rush to buy, buy, buy, can wipe away all of the warm and fuzzy feelings created on Thanksgiving. Fortunately, non-profits around the country have come together to create a new anti-consumerism holiday to spark the benevolent behavior that the Christmas-Hanukkah-Kwanzaa-Winter Solstice season is supposed to be all about.  So Happy Giving Tuesday from FlashFood! We highly encourage you to celebrate this day by learning more about the giving movement and by making a donation to your favorite nonprofit.

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We’re Asking

On Thursday, November 15, I attended the Oxfam Hunger banquet at ASU’s Polytechnic campus. It was an amazing event to raise awareness for world hunger, and more importantly, to create a dialogue about the problem.  It’s one thing to be aware of hunger, but another entirely to live it, and to begin understand it.  Before last Thursday night I was aware of this problem, but I had never heard a story of hunger from someone who had actually lived through the experience of food insecurity.

Many powerful stories were told that night, but I would like to share three that have really resonated with me.

The first story is about a woman, who, as a young girl was asked by her mother to walk with her little brother to the grocery store to purchase food “on credit.”  There wasn’t much money for groceries in their budget, and her mother thought it would be harder for the shopkeeper to say no to little kids. After a while, the shopkeeper learned to say no to little kids, and the family went hungry.

Another story is about a man who used to live out of his car. He had three dogs, and there were weeks where he only had enough money either himself or his animals. He made sure that dogs always had enough to eat, but as a result he would sometimes be forced to  go up to a week surviving on only bread and water.

The final story is about a veteran who was once stationed in a village in the middle east. Food and water would arrive in trucks on a regular basis. But the trucks carrying food resembled the trucks carrying weapons, and for awhile no trucks got though roads.  For 11 days soldiers and villagers had to survive, not knowing when the next convoy of food would come in.  For the first 9 days, soldiers shared their rations with the whole village.  On the 10th day, when the rations ran out, the villagers shared what they had left with the soldiers.

When you entered the Oxfam hunger banquet you were given a card.  15% of the individuals were given a full dinner: pasta, salad, and a roll.  35% of attendees received a plate with just rice and beans.  The remaining 50% received just a small bowl of rice. This division reflects the global division of food security.  After a discussion on the food inequity represented on our plates, the moderator took a plate of pasta, salad and bread and handed it to someone who only received rice for dinner.  She tore a piece off the roll and passed the plate. He took a bite of pasta, the next girl had some salad and the plate kept going and going until it had reached everyone in the room.  Like the soldiers in the middle east, the man and his dogs, everyone in the room shared what little they had.

So, why don’t we give, why don’t we share? Not just in November and December, but why don’t we share what we have every week, every month, whenever there is a need?

This question was posed to the audience at Oxfam.

One person replied, “Because we’re selfish.”  I respectfully disagree.

I think it’s because no one asks, or when they do, as is the case of the man with the carboard sign on the corner, we think twice. Not because we lack compassion or generosity, but because we want to know that when we give, there will be good that comes of it.

We’re FlashFood, and we’re asking. Asking ourselves and our community to stand against hunger, to share what we have with those who need it most.


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Epic Conclusion to the Quest!

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for, the conclusion of the Quest!

Episode 5 of the Quest

In this episode, we are all a little nervous before the first round of the competition. Keep watching though and you’ll see us nail the pitch!

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Episode 4 of the Quest

In this episode we finally arrive in Sydney!

YUM! Sustainability Challenge Conclusion

Although we did not win the YUM! Sustainability Challenge, we had (and are still having) amazing time in Louisville, Kentucky at the YUM corporate headquarters. We received valuable feedback on how we can make FlashFood better, hung out with a lot of other very talented students from across the country, and learned a ton of cool things about YUM regarding their culture, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability initiatives. We also won the YUM “Positive Spark Award” recognizing our passion for FlashFood as well as our engaging presentations. We truly feel like we are part of the YUM family now!

Yum Day 1

It’s Wednesday night, and we’ve just completed our first day at the Yum Sustainability Challenge. We started off the day by taking a tour to the Mohammad Ali Center, in Downtown Louisville. We all learned a lot about the very inspiring life of Mohammad Ali, and about how to apply his six core values to our life, such as dedication, respect, and giving. Next, we participated in the project showcase and were able to present our idea to local students and YUM employees. Finally, we were served dinner and listened to a number of interesting presentations on the YUM Brands and the YUM’s corporate sustainability profile. Did you know that KFC is the number one company/brand in China? Or that the menus and operating styles of KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut change depending on what country they’re located in? This company is HUGE, dynamic, and its employees are very cool. So far we’re loving Kentucky!

Tomorrow, the team will give their semi-finalist presentation to a panel of judges. Wish us luck!

–Mary Hannah

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Yum Sustainability Challenge 2012

In case you haven’t heard, FlashFood is a semi-finalist in the 2012 Yum Sustainability Challenge! Later today the team will be heading to Louisville for the three day competition. It will be 72 very busy hours of networking, pitching, and answering questions about what exactly our project does. We are so excited about this competition and optimistic about our chances. Yum Brands is a global restaurant corporation that owns KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut. You can learn more about the competition here, and we’ll be posting blog updates from Louisville all week!