Yum Day 1

It’s Wednesday night, and we’ve just completed our first day at the Yum Sustainability Challenge. We started off the day by taking a tour to the Mohammad Ali Center, in Downtown Louisville. We all learned a lot about the very inspiring life of Mohammad Ali, and about how to apply his six core values to our life, such as dedication, respect, and giving. Next, we participated in the project showcase and were able to present our idea to local students and YUM employees. Finally, we were served dinner and listened to a number of interesting presentations on the YUM Brands and the YUM’s corporate sustainability profile. Did you know that KFC is the number one company/brand in China? Or that the menus and operating styles of KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut change depending on what country they’re located in? This company is HUGE, dynamic, and its employees are very cool. So far we’re loving Kentucky!

Tomorrow, the team will give their semi-finalist presentation to a panel of judges. Wish us luck!

–Mary Hannah

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