Ten Ways to Fight Hunger

For Arizona State University’s participation in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (go Devils!), ASU asked us to create a list of our ten favorite ways to fight hunger. If you missed our list, don’t worry-we will post our entire top ten on the FlashFood blog! This post covers options one through three. What are some of your favorite ways to fight hunger? Let us know by leaving a comment!

1. Organize a canned food drive with your coworkers. Using an existing network of colleagues is a relatively easy way to mobilize a food drive. A good way to get co-workers involved is to send out a company-wide email letting them know the details of your food drive and instruct them drop the food off at the office. Local food charities will often pick up the food if given advance notice of donations. Taking this approach a step further to get even more food, try splitting up your office into teams and have a contest to see who can bring in the most cans. Assign points per can based on its type of food, as certain foods are needed more by pantries than others. Fun-spirited food drive competitions have potential to become memorable, yearly office traditions.

2. Go Halfsies. On average, American diners leave 17% of their meals uneaten at the restaurant, and only take about half of that percentage home as leftovers. This is a significant problem for America, as food is the highest waste stream in our landfills. Halfsies is an innovative organization seeking to solve this problem while at the same time feeding the hungry. Here’s how it works: Participating Halfsies restaurants give diners the option to “Go Halfsies” on certain meals. By going Halfsies, diners pay the full price for  the meal they order, but are only served a half portion of their meal. Half of what they pay is donated to Halfsies, with 60% of funds supporting local hunger charities and 30% going to global hunger charities. So, the next time you are at restaurant and don’t feel like you are hungry enough to eat a whole meal, consider “Going Halfsies”!

3. Citrus Gleaning. The Valley of the Sun has a lot of citrus trees! If you have citrus trees in your yard, consider taking your extra fruit to a local food bank. Sometimes, food charities, including St. Mary’s Food Bank and United Food Bank, organize volunteer groups that travel to homes to glean extra citrus. Contact your local foodbank to see how you can help!



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