Ten Ways to Fight Hunger (four through six)

For Arizona State University’s participation in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (go Devils!), ASU asked us to create a list of our ten favorite ways to fight hunger. If you missed our list, don’t worry-we will post our entire top ten on the FlashFood blog! This post covers options four through six. What are some of your favorite ways to fight hunger? Let us know by leaving a comment!

4. Volunteer at a local food bank. There is always help needed at your local food banks in sorting, packaging, distributing, and serving donated food. Volunteering can be a rewarding experience, especially when shared with friends and family. Try organizing a company volunteering day for a valuable team building experience!

5. Use your talents. Food banks and other types of food charities often rely on volunteers to help with their office operations. For example, if you are an experienced accountant, volunteering to crunch numbers for a couple hours per week for a local food bank could be extremely helpful. Contact your local food bank or charity to learn about volunteer opportunities!

6. Spread Hunger Awareness. Keep an eye out for promotional campaigns led by hunger-fighting organizations and help them spread the word about their mission. For example, September is National Hunger Awareness Month. To educate the public on hunger in the US during this time, Feeding America, a network of 200 food banks, encourages everyone to get involved daily in simple ways, such as sharing hunger facts on Twitter and Facebook, or by wearing orange on September 6. These easy ways to get involved with campaigns such as Hunger Action Month can help inspire others to take action.

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