TEN WAYS TO FIGHT HUNGER (seven through ten)

For Arizona State University’s participation in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (go Devils!), ASU asked us to create a list of our ten favorite ways to fight hunger. This post covers options seven through ten. What are some of your favorite ways to fight hunger? Let us know by leaving a comment!

7. Support restaurants that donate their leftover food. Next time you go out to eat, think about supporting a restaurant that donates its extra food to those in need. Food Donation Connection (FDC) is an international organization that recovers leftover food from thousands of restaurants across the United States, including Arizona. Visit their website to see a list of their restaurant partners. FDC also works closely with WasteNOT, a Phoenix-based food recovery organization. You can also visit their website to see a list of donors in the Valley of of Sun.

8. Give a hunger-fighting gift. Not sure what to get for a loved one for a holiday or birthday gift? Consider buying them an animal from  Heifer International or World Vision. Don’t worry; a farm animal won’t be delivered to your house! Instead, you buy an animal in their name, and these organizations use the money you pay to purchase livestock for people living in the developing countries. Buying an animal through these organizations provides food as well as a source of income for a family in need. For example, if you buy someone a cow, they have a source of milk for their own consumption as well as to sell at the local market, providing a boost their local economy.

9. Remember to give year round. Food banks typically receive most of their donations in November and December. When February comes around, many food banks may already be running low on food. Next time you are shopping for groceries and notice a big sale on nonperishable food, think about buying a little extra than you normally would to share with your local food bank.

10. Get your kids involved. To continue to help feed the hungry, it is important that we teach the value of giving to our future generations. Encourage your child to organize a food drive with their classroom, sports team, or any other organization they are involved with.

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