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FlashFood Pitches to CEO of World’s Largest NGO

Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to tell the story of FlashFood to Susan Davis, the Founder and CEO of Brac USA. Brac is the world’s largest nongovernmental organization, employing 100,000 and reaching over 126 million people with its services. The organization focuses on empowering disadvantaged communities around the world by offering services in microfinance, agriculture and food security, women’s rights and advocacy, social enterprise support, and many others. After the pitch,  I was also lucky receive some valuable feedback from Susan about how we can continue to improve FlashFood and expand more rapidly to other communities outside of Phoenix.

It was also great to get updates on fellow ASU Edson students’ companies who also pitched at the event, including G3Box, Vantage Realized, Pollentech, and SunSelect. It’s always an awesome experience when so many smart and talented people meet to share ideas and give advice!


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FlashFood Nominated for Inc. Magazine’s Coolest College Startup!

We could not be more excited to be nominated for Inc. Magazine’s Coolest College Startup!

This competition features twelve other student-owned startups from American Universities. The company that earns the most votes by May 1 will be crowned the coolest.

To vote for FlashFood, all you have to do is click the Facebook “Like” button on our Inc. profile page. You can only vote once, so we would appreciate it if you shared this with your friends!

Thank you for your continued support!

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FlashFood’s First Food Recovery!

Yesterday afternoon we took a major step in our goal to change the way the world treats leftover food; we made our first food recovery! Using the FlashFood mobile application, we were notified of extra food from a donating business, which we delivered near downtown Phoenix. We are excited to build on this success and develop more partnerships with businesses and community centers.

Do you want to be a part or our innovative approach to reducing waste and feeding the hungry? Let us know! We are always looking for new partners. Email or leave a comment.

Katelyn and Shayla packaging food to take to Wesley Community Center

Katelyn and Shayla packaging food

Some of the food recovered from Rio Salado College
Some of the food recovered. Fun fact: the box the food was transported in is so strong, you can run it over with a car and it won’t break!

Steven, Katelyn and Shayla transporting food

Steven, Katelyn and Shayla transporting food

En route to Wesley! Pretty nifty car topper, eh?

En route with donated food! Pretty nifty car topper, eh?

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FlashFood Receives second ASU Innovation Challenge Award!

ASU Innovation Challenge

Last night, we had the honor of accepting a $3,500 award from the 2013 Arizona State University Innovation Challenge. This competition means a lot to us. Last year, we received our first ever batch of start-up funding ($2,000) from the challenge and were given valuable advice from judges that helped shape what FlashFood is today. We are grateful for the continued support from ASU Changemaker, Arizona State University, and others in our community. Also, congratulations to all of the other student entrepreneurs! We are sure that you will go on to accomplish great feats.

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