Common Questions

Q: Can businesses be held liable for food donations?
A: The Federal “Good Samaritan Act” signed by President Clinton in 1996 takes away liability from businesses that donate food in good faith that it is safe to be served.
Q: Are food donations tax deductible?
A: Yes. American businesses may write off up to twice the cost of ingredients and labor used to prepare food that is donated.
Q: What exactly is “food insecurity”?
A: There are varying levels of food insecurity, ranging from moderate to extreme. Our definition is based on the United States Department of Agriculture’s; if an individual or a family is not sure how they will pay for their next meal we consider them to be food insecure. Oftentimes, the inability to afford food may be due to financial tradeoffs, such as skipping dinner to be able to afford rent or gas to travel to work.
Q: Do the people receiving donated food need smartphones or the FlashFood mobile application?
A: No. Recipients of donated food only need cell phones with text messaging capabilities.
Q: How many people who experience food insecurity actually own cell phones?
A: According to the United States Census Bureau, over 70% of Americans living in poverty owned cell phones in 2010. Additionally, there is a Federal program called “SafeLink” that provides Americans living on food stamp assistance with free cell phones and plans that include SMS capabilities.
Q: Does the restaurant need to provide carry-out containers and package the food into individual servings?
A: No. FlashFood provides containers and packaging for food donations.
Q: If my business posts a donation listing on the FlashFood network, will it always be picked up?
A: Due to logistical constraints (mainly amount of drivers on call for the night, the distance to your restaurant, food safety concerns, and volume of donations posted on our network in a period of time) we cannot guarantee that a food donation will be picked up the same day. However, if you freeze the food, we are happy to pick up the food at a later time! Either way, businesses posting a donation will have constant access to the status of their donation request.


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