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Kaleidoscope Juice Joins FlashFood

IMG_2877We are pleased to announce that Kaleidoscope Juice of Scottsdale, Arizona, is now working with us to donate their extra food to a local community center! Their donation of healthy inventory, including hand-made juices, salads, and energy bars, is highly appreciated by many members of our community.


Work for a food service or retail business in the Phoenix Metro Area and want to donate your extra food inventory? Want to volunteer to help move donated food to community centers? Feel free to email us at info@flashfoodrecovery.com!

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FlashFood’s First Food Recovery!

Yesterday afternoon we took a major step in our goal to change the way the world treats leftover food; we made our first food recovery! Using the FlashFood mobile application, we were notified of extra food from a donating business, which we delivered near downtown Phoenix. We are excited to build on this success and develop more partnerships with businesses and community centers.

Do you want to be a part or our innovative approach to reducing waste and feeding the hungry? Let us know! We are always looking for new partners. Email info@flashfoodrecovery.com or leave a comment.

Katelyn and Shayla packaging food to take to Wesley Community Center

Katelyn and Shayla packaging food

Some of the food recovered from Rio Salado College
Some of the food recovered. Fun fact: the box the food was transported in is so strong, you can run it over with a car and it won’t break!

Steven, Katelyn and Shayla transporting food

Steven, Katelyn and Shayla transporting food

En route to Wesley! Pretty nifty car topper, eh?

En route with donated food! Pretty nifty car topper, eh?

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